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Dr Babak Farr


Consultant in Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr Babak Farr

After completing his medical degree in Iran and spending some time providing healthcare in under-resourced rural parts of the country, Dr Babak Farr moved to Australia in 2008. He became a Fellow of Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine in 2015 and later on completed his Fellowship in Pain Medicine in 2018.

In addition to his public appointments as a Rehabilitation and Pain physician at Austin Health and Western Health, Dr Farr also provides patient-care in a number of private clinics such as Epworth Richmond, The Vic Rehab and North Eastern rehab centre. 

Besides peri-operative pain management and post-operative rehabilitation, Dr Farr is also interested in care for patients with chronic pain. Having had the privilege of caring for patients with a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, Dr Farr appreciates “pain” as a subjective experience that must be recognised and treated within the frameworks of each patient’s personal experience. With that in mind, Dr Farr always utilises a multidisciplinary approach for management of chronic pain that is tailored to patients’ needs and focuses on harm minimisation as well as opioid reduction.

As well as his active role in education of doctors in training, Dr Farr is also an examiner for the Australian faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.




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