Dr Olivia Ong is a dual trained Rehabilitation and Pain Specialist who has extensive training and experience in Pain Medicine, both during her rehabilitation registrar and pain fellow training and as a specialist. Dr Olivia Ong graduated from University of Melbourne in 2004. She completed her Rehabilitation Specialist training in 2016.

Dr Olivia Ong undertook her pain fellowship at Austin Health, Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management, Alfred Health as well as Precision Health and Melbourne Pain Group from 2016 to 2018. She completed her pain fellowship in 2018.

Along with consulting at Melbourne Pain Group, Dr Olivia Ong is also consulting as a Rehabilitation and Pain Specialist at Epworth Camberwell and Advanced Health Care Dandenong. She is also a staff specialist at Kingston Pain Clinic, Monash Health. Her main interest is neuropathic pain in neurological disorders, in particular central pain disorders.

Dr Olivia Ong is also fluent in Mandarin and Indonesian and along with her excellent communication skills, Dr Olivia Ong values greatly an emphatic approach to the sociopsychobiomedical management of her patients.